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About me

Welcome to my home.

Just enjoy yourself, surf to all my blog. This is ordinary home. This is my gubug (halah koyo wong jowo wae merendahkan diri aza).

I am Industrial Engineering and get accident in loving computer cause i like learning Computer very much (suka belajar komputer sangat banyak). And I have a plan to make life with it. I like learning business, I like watching TV (especially action movie and Pistoon (cartoon) ” my cousin said “, i like hearing political issue, i like learning islam more, etc positive learning. I like reading book too but just in preface (i like what people said in their glossary with serious).

I like simplicity, sound of the truth and keikhlasan “i forget this word in english”.


5 Responses to "About me"

simplicity…???? wow keren…. ikhlas = whole heartedly

nitip link di blogroll donk mas 😉 🙂 🙂

sukses selalu yak

Thx atas perhatiannya…
Pasti dech partner….
Aku juga harus ada di web kamu..OK

Mas mhon tutorial bwt wab d wordpress dnk. Krim k emailQ Cz aq msh pemula…. Hlp me ya

dah dikirim ke email, tapi janji abis ini rajin2 searching ke google terus diskusi langsung aja ke web biar yang lain bisa ikut nimbrung

Asslm salam kenal,bang ttng prmasalahan wireles pd compaq anda gmn solusinya?Q mengalami hal yg sma,mhon bantuanya…

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